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Who We Are

HackGT is the hub of hacker culture at Georgia Tech. We provide opportunities for students to practice and discover their technical acuity, and in turn connect them with companies that have an interest in those skills.

Hackathons as a Platform for Recruitment

Hackathons are an immense recruiting resource. Sponsors spend too much money and invest too much time in conventional recruitment settings. At hackathons you get a hands on opportunity to experience a candidate’s skills. The greater time available allows you to create real connections between students that truly care about technology and your company.

HackGT Has Better Sponsor Engagement

We want sponsors to get to know these students. They are great potential future interns and full time workers. We give sponsors exclusive access to more than just the students’ resumes, placing hackers and sponsors in a setting that is way more comfortable and inviting than career fair booths. Our sponsor lounges provide an unprecedented experience for students and sponsors that lends itself to conversation rather than a pitch exchange.

API or Sponsored Prize

Any of our sponsors may also provide an additional incentive for hackers to engage with their technology. Being a prize sponsor at a hackathon means offering prizes for hackers who tailor their hacks to particular interests or technologies you support.

Hardware Sponsors

By donating or loaning hardware, you can help students realize their ideas, while gaining exposure in the process. Participants will familiarize themselves with your product and will be more likely to buy and use the products going forward.

Sponsorship Tiers

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Interested? Let's chat! Direct sponsorship inquiries to [email protected]